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 a little bit about us

Cake Bar is the little sister brand of Three Sisters Bake. Call it a Benjamin Button phenomenon, call it a midlife crisis, we don’t care! We’ve dreamt of building a cake-centric brand for years and years - today this Willy Wonka imagining is a reality. We’ve delved deep in our minds and drawn on every possibility that baking opened up to us as kids.

When we put our heads together to DREAMSTORM the Cake Bar menu, we drew on the notions our childhood selves once had about what cake could and should be.

You know, that glorious self who was frivolous enough to leave an abundance of raw cake mix in the bowl for the pure love of scraping it clean? We remembered our candy land themed bed time stories told to each other and the sweetie shops we ‘built’ of a weekend…now we’ve gone hell for leather, indulging our six year old selves by bringing all those imaginings to life in Cake Bar, our brand new playground!